Retirement might seem a long way away, but don’t forget that failing to prepare for it can leave you with a shortfall in the future. We will go over your existing superannuation in detail and give you the advice you need, or find the most suitable option for you.


SuperChoice Financial Services superannuation experts are specialists in providing informed and experienced advice about the super aspect of your financial strategy link.

Given the role your super can play in your retirement – a time when we all dream of relaxing and enjoying life – superannuation advice is critical to help you secure your financial independence. We can help you work out the best options for you – whether it’s choosing a retail fund or setting up and managing your own self managed super fund (SMSF). Our superannuation experts are specifically dedicated to this field and their knowledge and expertise can provide you with the best advice to help you to achieve your financial retirement dreams.

SuperChoice Financial Services superannuation experts can help you make sense of the choices to take a path that best suits your personal circumstances. We will examine all aspects of your situations/circumstances – including the life stage you are at, your current super balance, your retirement plans and your expected financial commitments on retirement.

Our services below provide an overview of what we can do for you.


  • When changes in  Australian law  in the year  2005 gave us far more superannuation choices as employees, those choices also brought with it a range of new challenges. Given the difficult economic climate that we are currently operating in, this choice is even harder today.
  • Is your fund performing – should you make a change? If you change, which fund do you choose? What about setting up an SMSF?
  • SMSFs can be an attractive option if you want to have full control of your super. But what if you’re on the fence with the decision? How do you work out which way to go? And if you do go the DIY super route, what do you need to know to make sure you don’t end up with a DIY disaster?
  • Which way you should go is a difficult to determine without expert superannuation advice.

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